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My first book is available to buy now.  All profits from the book will be donated to Heart Link Children's Charity.

From the Heart

Explorations in true Nature and Unconditional Love


"All we are is peace, love and wisdom and the power to create the illusion that we are not."

Jack Pransky

Join psychotherapist and coach Nicola Drew and 45 friends and colleagues as they explore the deeper aspects of being a human.  Insights and transformations are revealed as each contributor explores these two questions.


What would you like the world to know about true nature and unconditional love?

How has this deeper seeing changed your world?

You can buy the ebook or paperback on and


Amazon Reviews

"This is such a gorgeous book to read. It's so interesting to read what the individual writers say about our true nature as human beings and unconditional love. Nicola Drew was inspired to do write this book for her son, and all profits from sales of 'From the Heart' go to Heart Link Children's Charity. This is a book that has put a deep and lasting smile on my face, and I've picked it up many times a day since it arrived from Amazon, just to read one chapter. I'm going to buy 10 copies to give to friends and family for Christmas this year - given the year we've had; I can't think of a better gift for anyone! Nicola: thank you, you've created a treasure!"


"Superb idea and brilliantly done. Such a wonderful insight into how life looks for these people and how they came to the knowledge. Light bulbs going off all over for me and helping me see how my life can be. Wonderful."