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The Law of Concentrated Attention

How much of your time is spent on feeling grateful and appreciating you, your achievements and all the little things in your life?

Instead do you focus on your perceived failures, lack, should haves, could haves or those wobbly bits?

There is a psychological principle called 'The law of concentrated attention'. Basically, when attention is focused on an idea or a pattern it tends to happen.

Our brains are wired to complete patterns in the environment. If you are focusing on lack there is a very real possibility of this becoming a reality. We think we live in an outside in world so our lives will change for the better when our circumstances do but actually we live in an inside out reality.

We 'create' our lives from the focus, beliefs and thoughts we regularly have. If you really want something in life and it just isn't happening then your unconscious beliefs and focus are out of alignment with your desires.

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