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Life is a Gift - 5 Lessons from a near death experience.

When Anita Moorjani nearly died from cancer the experience gave her great clarity and understanding of her life and purpose on earth.

In her amazing Tedtalk she gives 5 lessons in life that she has developed from that experience. Lessons we could all incorporate into our lives.

1. Focus our awareness on love When we love ourselves we value ourselves. When we value ourselves we teach people how to treat us. When you love yourself you find no need to control or bully other people nor do you allow other people to control or bully you. Loving yourself is as important as loving everybody else and the more you love yourself the more love you have to give others.

2. Live life Fearlessly

Most of us are brought up on a diet of fear. Fear of cancer, of eating the wrong things, of displeasing people, of failing etc. Fear doesn't keep you safe - it keeps you small.

3. Humour, Laughter and Joy are essential

We are born knowing how to live a life of joy and laughter - just look at young children. Unfortunately, this is conditioned out of most of us as we get older.

4. Life is a gift Most of us live our life as if life is a chore not a gift. Even challenges are a gift. If you are in a challenge and it doesn't feel like a gift yet it means you have not got to the end.

5. Be yourself The most important thing for you is to be yourself. Be as you as you can be. Shine your light as brightly as you can. Embrace your uniqueness. Just realise who you are, love yourself unconditionally, and just be yourself.

Invest twenty minutes of your time to hear these powerful messages from Anita on the below video.

If you are living a life of fear, struggling to manage your focus or to love yourself I can help or call 07891687678

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