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The Last Time

This photograph was the last time I would stand outside Buckland Hall and look at the beauty all around, as it is being sold to a family.

I've been thinking over the last few days that we never know, usually, when it is the last time we will do something. Not in a we are all going to die way just in a life moves on way.

All those sleepless nights when my children were babies, I can't even remember the last night I had to get up to feed them. How would I have experienced that last feed if I'd known? Would it have been in a half awake haze or a pure presence drinking it all in way?

Late last night I had to pick my teenage son up from a city club and I caught myself having hard done to parent thoughts. But at some point that won't be part of my job and there will be a last time. Those little late night "how did it go" conversations and him showing me the videos every time I stop at a light will be no more. I cherished that drive home.

My other son was sick recently and he wanted me there with him. Work had to be rearranged and money lost but how precious through the lens of life moving on and kids growing up. I cherished my time with him.

Over the next few days it is easy to get caught up in the treadmill and family dynamics taking for granted it will always be this way. That there will be a next time to really appreciate what we have and to give our friends and family our full attention. This will be the last time my baby grandson will have his first Christmas and I'll be 100% cherishing that experience.

Make the most of your precious moments whatever they are filled with.

Much love until the next time, possibly! 💕

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